The craze for skin lightening is something that does run rampant. There are a lot of women who just dream of having a much lighter skin tone, but don’t know how to go about getting it, so they turn to products such as tons of skin creams on the market that can have dangerous ingredients in them. This is why they want to pay attention and only use some easy homemade lightening remedies from home.

Is dried orange peels and yogurt good for skin lightening?
Orange peels can be dried out at home. The best place to dry them out and free them up of their moisture is out in the sun. Leave them out there until they become crisp in feel. You should then grind up the dried out orange peels and take one tablespoon of it, and mix it up with, one tablespoon of fresh and unflavored yogurt. The paste mixture should then be placed on to the body or face for 15 to 20 minutes. It should then be washed off with cool water.

Is tomatoes, yogurt, and oatmeal mask good for skin lightening?
You should take one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of tomato juice, and mix them all together to make a paste. This paste should be applied to the face or body and allowed to remain on there for 15 to 20 minutes and then thoroughly washed away with water.

Is milk, lemon juice, and honey mask good for skin lightening?
Take one teaspoon of milk and mix it with lemon juice. Then add it in a teaspoon of honey to the milk and lemon juice. This can be used as a facial mask or for other areas of the body that you wanted lighter in skin tone. Leave the paste on for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly.

Is a potato facial mask good for skin lightening?
Potato slices can be used or even a potato paste. The choice is up to you and yours alone.
The juice can even be used from the tan areas on the potato to help with skin lightening.

Is lemon juice facial mask good for skin lightening?
You can use freshly squeezed lemon juice on the skin areas that you do want to be lightened. This can includes everything from the face to neck to hands to arms to beyond. Leave the lemon juice on the area or areas for about 15 to 20 minutes then wash it off completely with cold water or water this from the tap and is chilled somewhat. Lemon juice can make your skin lighter and super photosensitive to the sun. This is because it is a form of natural bleach. Do not go into the sun right after applying it to your skin. Wait at least about five to eight hours before doing so.

Is lemon or orange rind facial mask good for skin lightening?
What is great about lemon and oranges is that they are both citrus fruits. They both have strong acidic properties about them that do natural lighten the skin. Take a lemon rind or orange rind and dry them out in the sun until they get hard and crisp. Then ground them up and grind them down to a power form and place them in air tight container. Then mix it with raw milk and apply to the area that you want the skin lightened on. Then wash it off with warm water and then use a cool toner.

Is tomato juice facial mask good for skin lightening?
Apply tomato juice on to the area of skin that you want lightened with a cotton ball. Leave the tomato juice on until it drys completely and then wash it off completely from the face or other area of the body.

Is turmeric facial mask good for skin lightening?
The use of turmeric is known for being one of the oldest of all skin whitening agents. If you mix turmeric with sandalwood, raw milk, and besan to make a facial out of it. It will definitely be the thing to brighten up your skin in a major way.

Is raw papaya good for skin lightening?
Raw papaya or raw papaya juice can work very well for skin lightening purposes. It is the very thing to
You can either do a treatment with a paste or with the juice to the area of your body that you want to lighten the skin up on.


It is better to forget about the skin lightening creams that are out in the stores everywhere. The healthiest and safest place to look for successful skin lightening is to home and the homemade skin lightening remedies that do abound there. These skin lightening remedies are the best from the rest and also the safest to apply at the end of the day.